Number 8 Cuff

$34.00 - $48.00

Number 8 Cuff Bracelet- constructed in solid, 8 gauge round sterling silver, brass, or copper wire.

-This listing is for one single Number 8 Cuff bracelet.

-Wire diameter is 1/8 inch (just over 3mm). Edges have been smoothed for comfortable wear.

-Lightly brushed finish.

-Sizing and fit: Please measure the circumference of your wrist (in inches) at the smallest point. Sizing recommendations are made with a snug fit in mind.
--Small - for a wrist circumference between 6 inches and just under 6 1/4 inches.
--Medium - for a wrist circumference between 6 1/4 inches and just under 6 1/2 inches.
--Large - for a wrist circumference between 6 1/2 inches and just under 6 3/4 inches.

-Please reach out to me if you have a custom sizing need that falls outside of these parameters.

-Each size has a one inch opening.

-The cuff is slightly adjustable. It has been work hardened to hold its shape but will offer some give at the opening for ease of wear.

***As seen in the photos:
-Shown on a wrist with a 6 inch circumference. In the photos showing three cuffs, small is on the left, medium is in the middle, and large is on the right. For vertical arrangements, small is on the bottom, medium is in the middle, large is on the top.

-My wrist measures 6 inches in circumference at the smallest point. Size small fits my wrist for a snug yet comfortable fit. It does not slide around on my wrist. Size medium fits a bit more loosely. It stays on the narrowest part of my wrist but can also slide over my wrist bones (radius and ulna) to sit a bit closer to my hand. Size large fits with a loose fit and rests at the base of my hand. Due to the one inch opening none of the sizes fall off of my wrist without being deliberately removed.

-This listing does not include the ring shown in some of the listing photos.

-Most items are made to order. Please allow two weeks from the sale date for your order to be processed. If you need your order sooner, please let me know. I should be able to accommodate your needs!

-All metal will darken/oxidize with exposure to air, but can quickly be brought back to lighter tones by rubbing with steel wool for a brushed finish or a polishing cloth for a smooth finish.
-To delay oxidation please store in a sealed ziplock bag.

Thank you!