H Works Jewelry Gift Certificate

$15.00 - $150.00

Gift Certificate - For the those that wish to give the gift of a future gift.

-How it works: Each gift certificate is facilitated through a personal, "one time use" discount code. If the entire amount is not used in a single transaction, the remaining balance can only be retained through a revised discount code. I will be happy to provide this upon request, please email me at [email protected] and I will send the revised code for the remaining balance.

-***PLEASE NOTE*** The discount amount cannot exceed the total product value. The code will not work if the discount applied exceeds the price of the product(s) being purchased.

-***PLEASE NOTE*** Big Cartel (my shop's web platform) will not process a discount that brings the total transaction amount to zero ($0.00). The order must have a balance of at least $0.01 (one cent) to be processed.

-Only one discount code can be entered per transaction.

-I will mail a gift card (including instructions for use, as seen in the listed photos) to the stated address. Each gift card will include the amount and discount code.

-If you would like me to fill in the name of the recipient and/or giver, or if you would like me to add a personalized message, please be sure to include this information in the "Notes or instructions" box found in the check out window.

-If you would like a gift card in a different amount than the listed options, please reach out and I can make it available to you.

-Gift certificates are not refundable, and any remaining balances will only be made available as a credit toward future purchase.

Thank you!

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