Endless Hoops

$8.00 - $24.00

Endless Hoops - Tiny, lobe hugging seamless hoops. Comfortable, long wear hoop earrings available in four metals and six sizes.

-Piece or Pair? One single earring is one piece, two earrings is one pair.
-20 gauge round wire.
-Please measure the distance from your piercing to the outer edge of the ear to gauge the best fit. Please also take into account the thickness of the area of the piercing when making your decision.
-Available in six sizes, measurements are taken from the interior diameter of the hoop (the length from the inside of one side of the hoop to the opposite inside point of the hoop):
-4mm interior diameter. *May be too small for most lower lobe piercings depending on lobe size.
-5mm interior diameter. *May be too small for most lower lobe piercings depending on lobe size.
-6mm interior diameter.
-7mm interior diameter.
-8mm interior diameter.
-9mm interior diameter.
-*Internal diameters for each size will never be smaller than the stated measurement. However, they may be slightly larger within 0.5mm range of allowance.

-PLEASE BE AWARE, many of these sizes (especially from 4mm to 7mm) are difficult to close without the help of a friend or piercer. Also, sizes 4mm and 5mm may be too small for many piercings.
-Sizes 6mm and 7mm seem to be a good fit for most lobe piercings when interested in a snug fit.

- Earrings will arrive in the OPEN position, ready to go straight (after cleaning) into your piercing (as seen in the fifth photo). To close, pull the two sides toward each other. Never uncurl the shape of the circle to open.

-Available in sterling silver, gold filled, rose gold filled, or grey niobium.

-As seen in the listing photos:
-Photo one: lower piercing, 9mm hoop. Upper piercing 8mm hoop.
-Photo two: lower piercing, 7mm hoop. Upper piercing 6mm hoop.
-Photo three: lower piercing, 6mm hoop. Upper piercing 5mm hoop.

-The item you will receive is not the version seen in this photograph.

-Most items are made to order. Please allow two weeks from the sale date for your order to be processed. If you need your order sooner, please let me know. I should be able to accommodate your needs!

-All metal will darken/oxidize with exposure to air, but can quickly be brought back to lighter tones by rubbing with steel wool for a brushed finish or a polishing cloth for a smooth finish.
-It would be best to lay these on a flat surface while cleaning with steel wool so as to not inadvertently bend the shape.
-To delay oxidation please store in a sealed ziplock bag.

Thank you!