Bun Cage


Bun Cage - reversible top knot decor.

-This is a decorative piece, and for most wearers it will not hold the hair in place on its own. Please secure your bun as usual (I am using two cork screw bobby pins to hold this one in place). Place the Bun Cage over the bun, then thread the pin under whatever is holding the bun in place (elastic, bobby pins, etc.). This will secure the bun cage.

-Available in two sizes, small and large.

-Each size is ~2 inches (~5cm) in height and has an opening of ~1 1/4 inch (~3.3cm).

-Size small measures ~2.5 inches (~6.3cm) at its widest point from side to side (diameter).

-Size large measures ~2.75 inches (~7cm) at its widest point from side to side (diameter).

-Each size is accompanied by a sturdy, rigid, hand tapered pin measuring ~6 inches (~15.2cm) in length.

-Size large shown being worn in photos.

-In final photo, size large is shown on the left, size small is shown on the right.

-Please reach out for custom sizing options.

-Most items are made to order. Please allow two weeks from the sale date for your order to be processed. If you need your order sooner, please let me know. I should be able to accommodate your needs!

-All metal will darken/oxidize with exposure to air, but can quickly be brought back to lighter tones by rubbing with steel wool for a brushed finish or a polishing cloth for a smooth finish.
-To delay oxidation please store in a sealed ziplock bag.

Thank you!